Why This Global Manufacturing Leader Chose BeyondTrust

beyondtrustGoing Behind The Scenes

Many of our customers ask us what specific use cases or criteria drives choices around Identity Access Management.  While it’s always different for each customer, we thought it would be helpful to bring you into a real-life scenario, where a global manufacturing firm made the choice to go with BeyondTrust and XMS Solutions over another well-regarded solution provider.

Customer Profile and Scenario

The customer is a global manufacturer who’s been a top three name in their industry since the 1940’s.  Given that we’re dealing with a security scenario, we won’t be naming names, but the company recently went through a series of acquisitions, adding several additional global brands to their existing portfolio.  In doing so, server sprawl became a security risk.

The global IT department suddenly had so many servers that they were unable to manage local accounts.  It became a security risk because any admin who left the company could potentially still have access to local privileged accounts.  The company realized that an IAM solution was the best way to solve the problem, and began evaluating two industry leaders- one being BeyondTrust.

Why BeyondTrust?

The company did a full-on Proof of Concept (POC) between BeyondTrust and one of its competitors, seeking the best way to reset and control privileged accounts on Windows and Linux servers.  They also reached out to Gartner, who recommended BeyondTrust as a leader in the industry they may not have considered.   After the side by side POC, BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker Password Safe was the chosen solution.  Not only were there benefits to the functionality they shared, but they felt there was added benefit due to the fact that BeyondTrust includes session management and session monitoring in their base product, which their competitor charged extra for.

Why XMS?

As a BeyondTrust partner with certified BeyondTrust staff members, XMS Solutions is able to deliver design, implementation and management services for the BeyondTrust suite of products.  We work closely with BeyondTrust to provide great quality service from the initial sales experience and beyond.

The alignment between vendors and service partners can never be underestimated.  In many cases, this is the glue that gets projects through the tough times.  Working with an experienced BeyondTrust partner like XMS Solutions helps customers in three specific ways:

  • Grants instant access to design, deployment and management best practices
  • Shortens time to solution launch
  • Reduces risk of scope creep or overage

Learn more about our partnership with BeyondTrust here.