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Identity and Access Management Fundamentals

Use Privileged Account Management Tools for System, Operational and Sponsored Accounts

Most Enterprise IT teams elect to use privileged account management (PAM) tools for enhanced control over system and operational accounts.  This requires some type of coordination or integration between IAM and PAM tools so that the IAM tool can keep track of the status of all accounts in managed systems.

XMS Solutions partners with two leading IAM vendors to answer these questions: SailPoint and BeyondTrust.  SailPoint is a recognized industry leader in IGA, perenially appearing in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. BeyondTrust was recognized by Forrester as a global leader in privileged access management, serving over 4,000 customers worldwide.

Leveraging BeyondTrust Password Safe version 6.0 with SailPoint IdentityIQ, customers can leverage a dynamic, bi-directional certified integration allowing them to effectively manage user access for both privileged and non-privileged accounts. This integration gives organization a single solution for the management and security of asset data, privileged and non-privileged users, and associated functions by role including assessments, auditing, rule creation, and reporting.

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