SharePoint Online Migration for the Enterprise

sharepoint online migration Moving to the cloud promises simplicity, but Enterprise IT teams evaluating SharePoint Online Migration are confronted with unexpected complexity beyond the purely technical issues of migration.

It’s one thing to get the content migrated online, but the new platform will bring change to users, data access and security teams.

XMS Solutions has performed several large enterprise migrations from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online. This whitepaper breaks down three key Areas of Concentration that, if attended to properly, will greatly increase your odds for a successful SharePoint Online migration.

Audiences gaining the most value from this content include:

  • Enterprise CIOs seeking to understand the broad impact of SharePoint Online on users, internal teams and budgets
  • Developers and Administrators seeking best practices and lessons learned from SharePoint Online migrations
  • Line of Business and Content Owners seeking to understand Best Practices for SharePoint Online content classification and migration

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