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Longtime Partners delivering Enterprise Excellence.

XMS Solutions is a longtime Quest partner, working closely to deliver enterprise success stories for nearly a decade.  No other Quest partner has more breadth and depth of experience with Quest tools and deployments than XMS Solutions.


icon-directoryExperience you can trust for Email, Directory and Collaboration Migration.

Email migration can be a difficult process, but in the end it makes users more productive and systems more manageable. However, if the job isn’t done right, business comes to a halt. It’s important to mitigate risk with the right tools and migration partner.

XMS Solutions has migrated millions of accounts, machines and mailboxes for hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide using Quest migration tools.

Don’t leave your mission critical migration projects in the hands of an unproven team and toolset.  We’ve got a rock-solid, proven process for secure, stable and efficient migrations.  We know what to move, when and why.

We use Quest migration solutions for email, directory and collaboration systems, possessing the highest levels of experience with:

Quest Migration Manager for Exchange
Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory
 Notes Migrator for Exchange/Groupwise Migrator for Exchange
 On-Demand Migrator
SharePoint Migration Manager
 Spotlight for Exchange
 Quest Coexistence tools for Lotus Notes and Groupwise

icon-messagingIdentity Solutions that Enhance Business Agility and Security.

XMS leverages Quest Identity solutions to eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. We’ll help you:

Define a clear path to governance, access control and privileged management
Empower line-of-business managers to make access decisions
Leverage modular, integrated components to start building from anywhere
Deploy IAM solutions and achieve ROI in weeks – not months or years

Quest Identity as a Service

XMS assists in configuring and setting up Quest Identity as a Service.  We can help automate the provisioning of new users and movers, as well as de-provision those that leave. We’ll help simplify governance and define access policies for separation of duties, making it easy to implement both preventive and detected SoD-compliant access controls.

XMS also leverages Quest Identity as a Service to create centralized visibility and control over access with single sign-on (SSO) to cloud and web applications.  Achieve just-in-time provisioning of cloud-based accounts in SFDC, Office 365, and Google apps. Unify access control across all web applications to ensure that users can access what they need, how they need it, without creating unnecessary risks.

Quest Active Roles Server (ARS)

XMS helps simplify the security and protection of Active Directory (AD) with the help of Active Roles. It helps overcome AD’s native limitations to solve security issues and meet compliance requirements.  Easily meet your business requirements today, as well as scale to address future needs with Active Roles’ modular architecture.

With Active Roles, we:

Eliminate unregulated access to resources, while protecting critical AD data
Automatically create user and group accounts for secure management in AD and AD-joined systems

Quest TPAM

TPAM automates, controls and secures the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. Privileged Password Manager ensures that when administrators require elevated access, that access is granted according to established policy, with appropriate approvals, that all actions are fully audited and tracked and that the password is changed immediately upon its return.

XMS can help configure TPAM to give you a single point of control from which you can authorize connections, limit access to specific resources, view active connections, record all activity, alert if connections exceed pre-set time limits and terminate connections.

icon-sharepointMaximize the impact and value of your Microsoft investment.

Many organizations today have built their IT infrastructures primarily around Microsoft solutions, such as Active Directory, Exchange or SharePoint. IT staff need to make the most of this investment, providing a high level of service while meeting both internal IT policies and external industry regulations. In most cases, native tools just aren’t sufficient to meet the demands of today’s IT user base- managing multiple platforms takes too long, so help desk calls go unanswered, systems go unmonitored, changes go untracked, and IT is forced to constantly react to issues instead of prevent them.

XMS Solutions leverages Quest Windows Management tools to help companies reduce risk, optimize IT support processes and maximize the impact of Microsoft products.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Exchange

A disaster or corruption of Active Directory or Exchange can literally stop your business in its tracks. Quest’s Recovery Manager tools enable quick restore of your environment without taking AD or Exchange offline and still maintaining business continuity. With Recovery Manager tools, we help companies:

Maintain maximum uptime
Prevent productivity losses from human error or hardware/software failures
Restore AD and Exchange to pinpoint changes and recover specific data

Quest Reporter

Quest Reporter enables IT organizations to collect, compare, report on, and resolve Active Directory and Windows-based configurations, which is essential for change auditing, Windows security assessments, or Active Directory pre- and post-migration analysis.  Whether baselining compliance with regulations or migrating to Active Directory, Quest Reporter brings the information together with its extensive library of reports.


Securing domain controllers, servers and desktops is crucial to keeping Group Policy in check.  We leverage Quest GPOADmin to automate critical Group Policy management tasks, reducing costs and eliminating time-consuming manual processes.  GPOADmin enables quick and effective changes to Group Policy objects (GPOs) to:

Support change management best practices
Enable effective approval processes
Secure your critical data

Quest Spotlight on Windows

We leverage Quest Spotlight onWindows to help diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve Windows performance problems.  Spotlight on Windows provides a unique, graphical view of the Windows operating system, plus a real-time flow of data.  With Spotlight, our engineers can identify the source of problems as they develop by seeing the actual Windows operating system activity, I/O and kernel. Spotlight interprets the raw data, draws conclusions and recommends solutions to significantly reduce time to resolution.

Quest Message Stats

Quest MessageStats is a Windows-based data collection and reporting application that facilitates the analysis of messaging statistics for a number of messaging environments. XMS leverages Message Stats to assist in migrations, architecture and overall email and windows management.

MessageStats provides comprehensive information regarding critical metrics for resource usage, capacity monitoring and planning, and migration preparedness. It also provides detailed information for monitoring mailbox content and mail flow, allowing you to track capacity and improper usage.

Desktop Virtualization for the Enterprise

XMS Solutions has extensive experience with Quest’s vWorkspace, a virtual desktop product integrated closely with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services and Hyper-V.  vWorkspace is commonly recognized as a top alternative to VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and other popular VDI products.  XMS works with Quest customers to design, configure and deploy vWorkspace solutions across the enterprise.

vWorkspace is preferred by many at the enterprise level due to its flexible architecture. 

The solution takes a blended model approach to VDI by allowing administrators to take advantage of the VDI or Terminal Services mechanisms that make the most sense for their organization. This flexibility, along with all of the other benefits of VDI, make vWorkspace a compelling enterprise solution.

XMS Solutions is offering a one-hour complimentary workshop for Enterprise IT shops evaluating Quest solutions.

Available workshop times:

  • Tuesday: 11am-12pm EST, 3pm-4pm EST
  • Thursday: 11am-12pm EST, 3pm-4pm EST
  • Please complete the form and we'll contact you to confirm your preferred timeslot.

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