Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Let’s Address The Elephant In the Room.

XMS SolutionsBusinesses everywhere are curious about Machine Learning (ML) and AI; but with no previous point of reference for budget, timelines or ongoing maintenance, some are pumping the brakes.

XMS Solutions removes risk for companies interested in deploying AI solutions. Our process focuses on small, focused use cases that can be executed in 30-45 day increments at reasonable cost. This way, the business sees the benefit of AI quickly and cost-effectively, without spending six-figures on yearlong projects.

How It Works

XMS Solutions leverages technology from partner Delta Bravo to automate data ingestion, cleansing and encoding. This saves weeks (in some cases, months) of work. From here, we test, train and score ML models from a curated library; finding the most accurate, precise and cost-effective models for your use case.

Removing Risk

Before our customers receive a Statement of Work, XMS Solutions proves we can solve their problem- or not. During the pre-sales process, we’ll ask for a sample of the data we’ll need to execute the targeted use case. We’ll run that data through the Delta Bravo AI platform free of charge to validate our approach and capability. If the data provided is sufficiently fitted to a model, we’ll share an example of AI enablement on that data within a few business days- proving we can execute the use case and delivering pricing for a Pilot engagement. If the data provided is insufficient, we’ll give the customer recommendations on how to collect the appropriate data for solving their problem and hope to reconnect when they’re ready.

Fast, Cost-Effective Pilots

We believe AI should be rolled out to the business incrementally with minimal disruption. We execute pilots based on use cases that can be delivered in 30-45 days at a very reasonable cost. This way, the business receives the benefit of AI quickly at a cost that’s very easily justified. If the business chooses to continue the pilot, we charge a low monthly fee to retrain and tune machine learning models as usage scales. If they decide to stop, there are no expensive penalties or long-term commitments.

Most of our customers add functionality to pilot use cases or explore entirely new ones. Delta Bravo AI provides a foundation for fast and cost-effective extension of functionality like alerting, reporting and role-based user privileges. Adding this functionality comes at a minimal one-time fee based on scope. XMS Solutions provide integration services, packaging our models into APIs for use with existing systems, minimizing business disruption and the need for operator retraining.