Is “Technical Architect-As-A-Service” the Next Wave for IT?

Finding A Unicorn

According to, architects are the unicorns of the tech job market.  They are a rare combination of qualities: advanced technical skills and a high-level of foresight and vision.

technical architectA technical architect defines IT solutions to business challenges via architectures, systems, applications and process components and the integration of a broad variety of applications and diverse hardware and software components.  Any company that is growing and adding capabilities necessary to compete in the market- think mobile, data analytics, business intelligence, identity access management- needs a strong architect to guide their path.  CIOs listed the following as the most common scenarios driving needs for technical architects.

  • Internal skills gaps may occur, leading to the need for an objective, outside perspective on industry leading trends in architecture
  • Specific projects may require diverse skills in fractional amounts across architecture, data, governance and security
  • Dynamic project demand drives the work of the architectural review board (ARB), and required ARB reviews can occur in bursts. Are the right people available to review, prepare and present?

Given the fact that architects are in high demand and short supply- and their capabilities are only needed periodically, finding and keeping them on the IT staff can be a costly luxury.

Technical Architect “As-A-Service”?

XMS offers an alternative to hiring a full-time technical architect, having consultants on site full time, or simply going without critical resources.  We offer customers a single rate for access to architects across multiple disciplines including Identity and Access Management, Azure, Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory and more.

Customers gain access to a deep pool of technical architects available on demand on either a fractional or full-time basis.  Instead of committing to a fixed-time contract, customers purchase a block of hours used as needed. This approach provides access to a broader pool of experienced architects, at billing rates appropriate to their skills, role and experience.

Having the right resource on board at key points in an IT project can be critical to solution performance and on-time, cost-effective delivery.  But you don’t need them all the time. This structure gives you access to experienced architects on your terms, contributing to project success while keeping costs under control.


XMS Architecture as a Service helps you reduce the significant cost of maintaining full-time architecture resources to meet variable needs. Through Architecture as a Service, you have access to highly qualified enterprise and solution technical architects specializing in applications, data and infrastructure.  These professionals provide support across a spectrum of governance, implementation, architecture and integration requirements.

You might need architect support to prepare for an ARB session. Or you may want additional resources on hand at project inception, validation or alignment with the business. Whatever the situation, Architecture as a Service delivers the resources you need, the fresh perspective of industry-seasoned technical architects, and the commitment to quality that customers have come to expect from XMS Solutions.