Identity and Access

Initiate and Sustain Effective IAM and Security Programs.

The rush of new people and things accessing collaboration systems has enhanced employee productivity and customer integration, but it’s also created new risk for Enterprise IT.

XMS Solutions delivers identity-driven solutions that bring scale and security to critical enterprise productivity platforms. Our heritage in collaboration gives us a unique perspective on how systems are accessed, used and managed. Our services reduce access risk, enhance productivity, and increase compliance efficiency.

A Solid Foundation for Security and Scale.

icon-IAM-PSAn effective Identity Access Management (IAM) program provides a framework that ensures a coherent approach to IAM initiatives and operational activities, enabling desired security and business outcomes.  It can become a vicious cycle when an organization tries to address increasing complexity with increasingly complex IAM.

XMS Solutions helps you deliver simple, effective and scalable approaches to IAM built on lean processes and small sets of reusable patterns rather than highly customized solutions.

Market-Leading Solutions
XMS offers IAM solutions from industry leaders like One Identity, SailPoint and BeyondTrust.  We’ve done the homework- these solutions are the best for managing access to data and resources across your enterprise. Coupled with our process and deployment, you’ll effectively and securely manage access for every person who interacts with your organization—any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Proven Process
Will your IAM program have an enterprise scope, or will it be aimed at a subset of the organization, such as specific business units or user populations? For example, many IAM programs focus on managing identity for internal systems only, although some organizations have worked to consolidate internal and external identity management.  We’ll help you understand the roles, responsibilities and interactions essential for delivery, management and governance of the program.

Expert Deployment
Even the best laid plans can go awry if the execution becomes a monolithic beast that takes years to show any business benefit. An IAM program is not like a traditional IT project where a single sponsor will document all the requirements, use cases, user interfaces and test cases.  We’ll help you navigate the waters of deployment to ensure a solution that enhances user experience and reduces complexity for IT and the business.

Whether its on-premise, in the cloud or a mix of both, XMS ensures the right people have access to the right platforms at the right times for the right reasons.

Enterprise IAM Metrics The multitude of available IAM Metrics
can get a little overwhelming.

This whitepaper breaks down core IAM metrics that matter most to IT and the business.


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