IAM for Office 365:
When To Go Outside The Box

office365, migration, IAM In a Gartner survey conducted in early 2016, 78% of the enterprises surveyed indicated that they are using or planning to use Office 365, up from 64% in mid-2014.

Given what data is moving to Office 365, IAM should be the first line of defense. Office 365 provides some IAM capabilities to support managing identities and to allow integration with an organization’s IAM services. But are they enough?

This whitepaper reviews these capabilities and helps Enterprise IT understand how and when to go beyond these default IAM controls.

Audiences gaining the most value from this content include:

  • Enterprise CIOs evaluating strategies to extend existing or roll out new IAM programs to Office 365
  • Developers and Administrators seeking to understand feature availability for default Office 365 IAM
  • Security and Compliance Professionals eager to ensure proper IAM and security controls are applied to collaboration environments

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