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For nearly 10 years, XMS Solutions has served Enterprise IT departments worldwide.  Our heritage in collaboration gives us a unique perspective on how systems are accessed, used and managed. Our partnerships give us the leading edge in designing, deploying and managing the best Enterprise IAM and Collaboration solutions on the market today.  

Feel free to read our Whitepapers, Case Studies and Blog Posts to leverage our knowledge in your successful collaboration project.

Whitepaper: Privileged Perspective: Understanding the Risk of Legacy AD Architecture

Active Directory (AD) architecture plays a critical role in successful consolidation and/or migration efforts. It’s also critical in deploying new implementations and meeting new compliance and security requirements. Which AD architecture approach will support your business as it grows over time?

This whitepaper breaks down the new Best Practices for maintaining security, user experience and cost targets in the modern AD environment.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise IAM: The Metrics That Matter

thumb-whitepaper-IAM MetricsMetrics are critical to the success of an enterprise’s Identity Access Management program, IAM initiatives and IT operations, because they enable IAM leaders, other stakeholders and decision makers to recognize the value of those efforts.  However, organizations can be overwhelmed by the number of IAM elements that can be measured and reported on.

This whitepaper breaks down the XMS Solutions’ Enterprise IAM Key Metrics Framework, a collection of indicators justifying IAM investments and tracking improvement over time.

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Whitepaper: Moving The Enterprise To SharePoint Online

thumb-whitepaper-SPOnlineEven when the content is successfully migrated, switching to Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud from an on-premises deployment is a lot more complicated — and potentially more costly — than you might expect.  The absence of sound migration planning by Enterprise IT will worsen a range of common on-premises SharePoint problems and undercut the benefits of cloud-based collaboration.

XMS Solutions has performed several large enterprise migrations from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online. The shift to SharePoint Online has a wide range of implications for the organization overall, for user expectations, and for business outcomes based on flexible cloud-based collaboration.

This whitepaper breaks down 3 critical focus areas that, if attended to properly, create a higher likelihood of success for your SharePoint online migration.

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Whitepaper: Mobility Best Practices for Office 365

thumb-whitepaper-HoldThe PhoneOffice 365 has a built-in mobile device management (MDM) engine to handle devices. However, most IT teams are finding it difficult to determine whether it’s good enough to meet their business needs, especially when they already have an enterprise mobility management product.

Depending on the requirements of each individual organization, out-of-the-box functionalities may represent an effective solution.

This whitepaper will cover the identity access scenarios that impact end users most, and whether or not the default MDM capabilities of Office 365 will suffice.

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IAM For Office 365: When To Go Outside The Box

thumb-whitepaper-IAM O365Microsoft’s Office 365 provides some IAM capabilities to support managing identities and to allow integration with an organization’s IAM services.

Given what data is moving to Office 365, IAM should be the first line of defense. Consider the risk of employees downloading data from the cloud. Microsoft supports device registration with adaptive access with ADFS.  If a device is not on the list, can you can enforce multifactor authentication to verify the user’s identity?

Like any other SaaS application, Enterprise IT will manage identities within Office 365 independently from on-premises applications. Leveraging the out-of-the-box Office 365 IAM
capabilities will be a satisfactory solution for certain types of companies- but is it enough for yours?

This whitepaper reviews these capabilities and helps Enterprise IT understand how and when to go beyond these default IAM controls.

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