Build A Bulletproof Office 365 Migration Plan

Deploy In Projects, Not En Masse

XMS Solutions recommends that organizations manage Office 365 implementation as a long-term program consisting of a series of projects — some executed concurrently and others in separately defined phases — using a program management framework and approach.  This means that organizations should be defining multiple Office 365 migration plans: one for the overall Office 365 program, and one for each individual Office 365 project. The reason for these two tiers of roadmaps is to gain clarity: To aggregate all project milestones under a single program roadmap would be too confusing, but having only project roadmaps would make it too difficult to see the overall plan.

Finally…Don’t Overlook Licensing!

Microsoft operates a globally differentiated price book, which now varies significantly by product or service, so the extent to which technology procurement leaders can leverage benefit for their organizations may change considerably when adopting Office 365.  Review the rights to utilize and license globally or across regions to ensure licenses can be acquired centrally or harvested for use across locations as organizational structures flex to meet objectives.


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