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Privileged access is a major focus for Enterprise IT leaders looking to prevent and detect breaches, maintain individual accountability, and increase operational efficiency.  Products are consolidating around two major patterns: managing privileged passwords and delegating privileged actions.

XMS Solutions partners with BeyondTrust to provide capabilities for Privileged Access Management (PAM), Vulnerability Management and Threat & Behavioral Analytics.  BeyondTrust is a market leader with over 4,000 customers worldwide.

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Learn About the Risks of
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Are Your Security Controls
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Why It Matters

Many companies focus on external data threats, but its important to recognize the threats within the company firewall.  A recent study found that internal employees were responsible for 43% of data loss.  Enterprise IT must mitigate access risk across a wide range of systems and infrastructure — OSs, databases, middleware and applications, network devices, hypervisors, and cloud services (infrastructure as a service [IaaS], platform as a service [PaaS] and SaaS)- and manage the required tools and processes for doing so.

How The Partnership Benefits You

Working with an experience BeyondTrust partner like XMS Solutions helps customers in three specific ways:

  • Grants instant access to design, deployment and management best practices
  • Shortens time to solution launch
  • Reduces risk of scope creep or overage

What To Do Next

We are offering a complimentary workshop to Enterprise IT customers who are actively assessing BeyondTrust solutions.  The workshop’s goal is to validate BeyondTrust as an appropriate fit for your requirements, then share guidance on best practices for deployment success, risk mitigation and ongoing management concerns.  This is a one hour workshop with three concentration areas:

  • Business Drivers and key requirements for security solution
  • Design and Deployment best practices
  • Ongoing Management roadmap detailing costs, SLAs and best practices

Complete the form to the right of the page to register your team for this session today.

XMS Solutions is offering a one-hour complimentary workshop for Enterprise IT shops evaluating BeyondTrust.

Available workshop times:

  • Tuesday: 11am-12pm EST, 3pm-4pm EST
  • Thursday: 11am-12pm EST, 3pm-4pm EST
  • Please complete the form and we'll contact you to confirm your preferred timeslot.

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